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We’d sincerely be happy just to know that you found The Erotic Review useful. Our website, newsletters, review section, and message boards enable our members to rate the caliber of services escorts provide ­ as well as helping them find that perfect lady to begin with. Plus, we really get a kick out of keeping an otherwise shady industry, honest!

We would also like to point out that you do not need to join our site in order to enjoy it. But you’ll probably want to ­ because we’ve added special VIP features that enhance and expand upon the information delivered. We figure that after you become a frequent user, and we’ve saved you big bucks out there, you’ll be smart enough to want to support the continuance of a service like this, in return.

So, what do you get if you become a VIP member?

  1. Explicit information about the ladies' services, on top of the info already published.
  2. Explicit details of past dates with the providers.
  3. Greatly enhanced search capabilities for the site, so if you want to find a provider that offers a "BJ without condom" and "Kisses with Tongue" in your "Area Code", you can have your answer within seconds.
  4. VIP members a chance to chat with providers around the country live in our Video Chat Rooms. Though all registered users can participate in the chats, only VIP members can see the video chats.
  5. Provider Rankings. Check out rankings by city or by service provided.
  6. The ability to find other providers using the same phone number.
  7. VIP Members can quickly search all of the reviews submitted by other individuals.
  8. You can keep track of your best-loved providers by adding them to your Personal Favorites List. Plus, if you consistently want to check up on certain providers, you won't have to wade through every review to locate them. As a VIP Member you are automatically e-mailed the minute a new review about your lady is posted.
  9. Our Private Mailing system gives you the ability to e-mail other VIP members. If you want to know more about somone's review, if you have a question or opinion for one of our members, or if you just want to say hello, send them a PM! What a great way to receive any information you need.
  10. We’ve covered our bases and then some, but if you still feel our site lacks a feature or two that might be handy, please tell us. We are always actively working to improve our VIP area, and we welcome any suggestions.

So, how much is this going to cost me?

Becoming a Basic Member is FREE. Just click here and fill out the form. After you have created a username, you will be offered several options on how to become a VIP Member:

  1. One way to become a VIP member is to submit reviews. After you have 2 reviews posted on the board, you become eligible to become a member with 30 days worth of access time. You will then receive an additional fifteen days for each additional review that we post. You will need to fill out a Become a registered user before you begin submitting reviews. Your VIP Membership will be activated within 24 hours of us publishing your reviews.
  2. If you would rather pay for a VIP Membership, we will gladly accept your money to help cover our expenses for keeping this board in place. We have extremely reasonable monthly and quarterly rates: A full VIP Membership can be yours for only$30 per month, $75 for 90 days, or $250 per year. Want to sign up now? Please click here and select "Buy Quarterly VIP", or "Buy Monthly VIP" Payment Processing provided by NEA and TER.

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