Guidelines for Posting Messages on TER Discussion Boards

TER has always welcomed vigorous debate of ideas and opinions in its Discussion Boards, and encourages freedom of expression. However, it is expected that civility in discourse will be maintained.  TER Staff and Moderators will exercise their discretion in managing the flow of discussion and in applying these Guidelines. TER reserves the right to delete any posting that violates these Guidelines, TER’s Terms of Use, or, which TER determines, in its sole discretion, is inappropriate.

Criticizing ideas and opinions is a normal process of debate, and anyone that posts an opinion should expect to have ideas challenged in a respectful manner. However, consider that informative, interesting and well written posts can be valuable, even if you take issue with the poster’s views.

Insults, personal attacks, name calling or intimidation have no place in civil discussions and are not welcome on TER. Ever.

Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you are expected to maintain offline. If you wouldn’t make the comment to someone’s face, reconsider whether you should make it on TER.

Above all else, keep TER a safe, informative and interesting environment that encourages everyone to participate.

General post content guidelines
  • If a recent thread exists about the topic at hand, post to that thread, rather than starting a new one.
  • Stay on topic
  • Use proper grammar and spelling, and, DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE MESSAGE IN ALL UPPER-CASE LETTERS.
  • Bartering-related posts are not allowed. Advertising of personal side businesses or advertisements for other businesses is strictly prohibited.
  • Make your post’s title clear and inoffensive.
  • Don’t be repetitive, and don’t re-post something repeatedly.
  • Detailed reviews are not allowed.  It is okay to link to a TER review or Profile.
  • Discussion of delisted providers/agencies is not allowed (except for rip offs, ROBs, etc). For that matter, do not post deleted information.
  • Linking to a site which meets any of the following criteria in a post is prohibited:
    • Advertises, suggests or even hints that minors may be discussed or portrayed on, or contacted through, the site.
    • Contains Escort Reviews (Ex.: ECCIE, Erotic Monkey);
    • Has Pop-Ups (Ex.: Porn and cam sites);
    • Is likely to contain malware;
    • Requires login (registration) for viewing the contents of the site (Ex.: Facebook);
    • Is absolutely irrelevant to the subject;
    • Belongs to a private business or which offers specialty services (Ex.: Ashley Madison)
  • Positng mean or rude comments is prohibited.
  • Don’t flame someone or start a flame war. If you think a post violates TER’s guidelines, terms or policies, report by clicking on ‘Report this post’ from the post itself.
  • Posts which do not conform to these Guidelines will be removed.  Continuous or habitual posting of non-conforming posts may cause the poster to lose posting privileges for a period of time.  Further ignoring of the rules may cause the poster to be banned from TER.
Personal information

Posting personal information of members or providers, including content copied from their emails or Private Messages, is grounds for BANISHMENT.  This includes PMs between TER and members.

If a provider chooses not to publicly post or advertise her photo, telephone number, or a personal email address, respect her decision and don’t post her photo, telephone number or personal email address unless it’s in connection with a Rip Off report or a ROB – and even then, question whether you should instead report it to Staff or a moderator and let them decide if it should be publicly posted.

Shill threads

A Shill Thread is a thread that is started with a post that is praise, thanks, or a recommendation for a certain provider for reasons of self-interest, personal benefit, or out of friendship or loyalty. Starting a new thread with a Shill Post is not allowed by TER because such threads are considered extra "advertising" above & beyond what each provider is allowed each week.

Shill Threads are not allowed, and will be removed.

Mini-Reviews posted according to the Posting Guidelines are not considered to be Shill Posts.

Responses to a current thread that refers to a provider with positive comments about that provider is okay, as long as the comment is pertinent to the topic at hand.


You may not post MINI-REVIEWS unless you submit a Full Review of the same session within 72 hours after posting the mini-review. Violators  will lose their message posting privileges. Repeat violators may be BANNED.

Please see the following post for guidelines on how to submit mini-reviews: Mini-Review Guidelines

Ads & iso posts

Ads are not allowed on the TER General Boards or Regional Boards.  Any provider's post that contains a picture of the provider, will be considered an ad.

In Search Of posts should be posted on the ISO board, Porn Stars board, Transsexual board or Regional board.  Providers, any response to an ISO,  must include a link to either your personal website (TER logo required), your TER review profile, or directly to your ad on an escort mall.

Ads may only be posted on the appropriate Ad Boards.

Providers may not include a link to their website/web ad when starting a thread. For detailed guidelines on ad posting, please read the guidelines posted here: Ad Posting Guidelines

Posting links to a different provider's reviews or website in a provider's posting is prohibited.

Use of aliases

One username/alias/handle per person per thread. If this policy is violated you will lose posting privileges for 30 days.

Posting rude and mean comments while hiding under an ALIAS will be reported to the site Admin for evaluation. If sufficient cause is found the post will be modified by Admin to EXPOSE your USERNAME.  Flipping an alias is an action of last resort and will only be done if Admin determines that other corrective actions are insufficient due to the nature of the comments in the post.

Aliases may only be changed once in a 3 month period. Choose your alias carefully and use it correctly.

For acceptable use of an alias, please see our acceptable alias use thread: Acceptable Alias Uses

Friday shill day
  • Shills (not ad) from hobbyists, for their favorite provider of the week, are allowed on Fridays
  • Only started by a hobbyist
  • Must contain link to Provider's profile (this helps others find her); no pic
    Exception:  if a new provider, (no TER reviews), the hobbyist can shill provided he submits a review within 72 hrs (Violators of this policy will lose their message posting privileges)
  • Posted no earlier than 1am (local time)
  • Comments are allowed from all, but should not be negative, start a new discussion or be ads from/for a provider
Guidelines for Photo Theme Days
  • Thread should be started by a local provider or local agency only
  • Only local providers, local agencies and visiting providers with an active visiting ad may participate
  • Theme can not be started earlier than 8 am (local time)
  • Providers can post only 1 photo per day
  • Agencies can only post 1 photo per day
  • Photos MUST be related to the theme
  • Photos should not have been used for a theme day in the past 30 days - Keep them new!
  • No links to websites are allowed
  • Text is allowed but cannot be an ad type text, such as (not an all inclusive list) website, email, phone number or statements such as 'Call Me' or 'Come See Me'
  • Do not use all caps in the subject line or the one liner
  • Subject line title of the Photo Theme Day
  • Provider should post under the OP's original post; do not post under another provider's photo
  • Only the watermark trademark of the provider, the provider's name or the photographer's name (copyright) is allowed on the photo (no website or phone number)
  • Comments on the photos are allowed; posters should only respond to the photo post, not to another member's comments on a photo. This should not be used to start a new discussion
Photo board
  • Daily Thread can only be started by DiscussionBoardAdmin
  • Providers and agencies may post once per day
  • Subject line: ONLY name and  location allowed (agencies should include model's name, not the agency's name)
  • All CAPS not allowed
  • Reply to Admin's post, not another provider's post when posting photo
  • No contact information (phone, email, website) allowed on photo
  • Only the provider in the photo or her assistant or agency can post a photo
  • Photographer’s watermark, provider’s name and/or hosting site allowed on photo
  • Photo, when clicked, should not go to any website/web ad
  • Photo should not be used more than once per a month
  • No Reply/Comments are allowed – This is a Photo Only Board
  • Once a new photo thread is started by admin, photo cannot be posted under old thread
  • Posts which contain photos no longer available on the hosted site, will be removed

General Ad Posting and General Board Rules apply unless otherwise stated above.

If you have a question or complaint regarding TER policies, membership, or customer service click on the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of the page and submit your question to TER Staff.

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