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Welcome to the Erotic Review Discussion Area. Our boards are a wonderful place to hang with your fellow Hobbyists and catch up on all the latest news. We’re certain you will also find this area to be a great resource for information and meeting new friends, as well as an engaging platform for intelligent, humorous, and sometimes wild debate.

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Please don't post messages that are mean, use foul language, or that reveal sensitive information about other people. These posts will be deleted. The following breakdown of the TER discussion boards should help get you get started…

TER General Boards:

The General Discussion Board is THE virtual hot spot to visit if you’re looking for some stimulating conversation with others who share your interests.

Do you have questions? TER is an incredible adult online community where you can find out more about escorts and other adult entertainers in your area. Sometimes it can be an overwhelming place and leaves new users with a lot of questions. Check out our Newbie board, where you can look for answers and ask questions. We encourage you more seasoned members also to go the Newbie board to see if you can help out!

We made a special place on TER just for the guys who “REALLY” want to debate what is going on in politics. If this is your thing, put your gloves on and come in.

Are you looking for a special lady who may not be local to you? Is the city you live in too far away from cities listed on the Regional Boards? Or would you like to meet someone new during a trip? Jump into the National Search Board and let a fellow TER member point you in the right direction—or to someone else—by sharing pertinent information.

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but our TS gals have the kind of heavenly bodies we all can worship. And so we’ve dedicated a special message board to the TER client who enjoys having the best of both worlds.

As TER continues to evolve, we welcome your opinions regarding our policies and procedures. Please also feel free to make any suggestions you think would benefit this site. Your opinion matters! Imagine what a terrific resource this will be if everyone in our diverse community pitches in.

Looking for laugh? Want to share a sexy joke? Check out the Erotic Humor board. Just be careful about reading it while drinking beverages.

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