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Reserved for our 60+ year old friends, this board is here for our esteemed, most "mature" members to discuss hobby related topics.

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AngieSummers739 reads
ron56789387 reads
OldCodger282 reads
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MissMarieM273 reads
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SensualShai274 reads
ATLDAWG242 reads
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SensualShai242 reads
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Dr. joe477 reads
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Dr. joe186 reads
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TheKarateKid328 reads
mrfisher279 reads
trex44238 reads
GaGambler206 reads
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SweetMelissa161 reads
noagenosage181 reads
kayjaykay248 reads
SweetMelissa203 reads
josulli160 reads
SexySashaLuv182 reads
stethdoctor217 reads
mrfisher189 reads
Jensen36363166 reads
sweetman196 reads
JakeFromStateFarm208 reads
Analias155 reads
JakeFromStateFarm161 reads
nothrofboston157 reads
sassysally6688149 reads
harborview923 reads
swimtrekr559 reads
Elohim8190 reads
Considerthis215 reads
Considerthis375 reads
jazzman121847347 reads
harborview338 reads
harborview280 reads
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teddy.bare219 reads
harborview284 reads
harborview258 reads
IBeCurious310 reads
harborview247 reads
MissMarieM199 reads
brigit30031049 reads
NoYellowEnvelope510 reads
Tampa_Jim429 reads
brigit3003357 reads
cspatz351 reads
keystonekid412 reads
TheKarateKid334 reads
robinscompany328 reads
BluesGuitarMan120 reads
robinscompany292 reads
SweetMelissa243 reads
teddy.bare186 reads
brigit3003197 reads
harborview254 reads
habnab1206 reads
lester_prairie283 reads
mijolaw445 reads
mrfisher443 reads
southwind32440 reads
mrfisher324 reads
brigit3003426 reads
lester_prairie359 reads
habnab304 reads
Valida285 reads
lester_prairie808 reads
macdaddy1944416 reads
brigit3003423 reads
mijolaw196 reads
BluesGuitarMan209 reads
brigit30031094 reads
mrfisher229 reads
TurbayVeronica285 reads
Tampa_Jim206 reads
KariWinslow246 reads
theoldcavalier160 reads
theoldcavalier196 reads
brigit3003176 reads
GeorgeSpelviniii199 reads
brigit3003192 reads
AZartguy145 reads
brigit3003147 reads
GYBOpower735 reads
OnlyLiveTwice187 reads
sweetman141 reads
souls_harbor191 reads
mrfisher143 reads
harborview770 reads
Foodyguy384 reads
Roberto46454 reads
cj2nels337 reads
phallacy346 reads
Wonky_Portals350 reads
NomdeAmour294 reads
harborview277 reads
EXBCMC278 reads
xray84242 reads
luke19342267 reads
xray84271 reads
EXBCMC188 reads
BenneeProfane331 reads
EXBCMC250 reads
harborview172 reads
Dr. joe589 reads
sweetman276 reads
Foodyguy260 reads
RevEJones424 reads
RevEJones215 reads
hiddenhills271 reads
Myskyns839 reads
OzzieM375 reads
theoldcavalier364 reads
mibfig353 reads
mrfisher263 reads
freebore207 reads
exit9189 reads
souls_harbor178 reads
olt0910126 reads
AngieSummers225 reads
phallacy188 reads
AngieSummers290 reads
Dr. joe212 reads
oldwarrior176 reads
theoldcavalier119 reads
theoldcavalier98 reads
mojojo190 reads
sweetman178 reads
mojojo203 reads
sweetman169 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu1041 reads
alabama1963630 reads
20strojl669 reads
sweetman546 reads
JakeFromStateFarm498 reads
sweetman460 reads
Paigelynn625482 reads
phallacy358 reads
BenneeProfane328 reads
20strojl785 reads
Dr. joe529 reads
micktoz479 reads
Sexy Carolina559 reads
beach6216383 reads
CharleneLove393 reads
caramelsinns833 reads
mrfisher567 reads
TheKarateKid396 reads
OldCodger244 reads
Dr. joe420 reads
sweetman177 reads
RobbinYoung214 reads
grayhair292 reads
mojojo287 reads
xray84280 reads
percy1969277 reads
20strojl283 reads
Roberto46194 reads
TrulyMsMocha151 reads
liqq63272 reads
Erik_S337 reads
NJFLArt287 reads
bocabuster191 reads
camote16255 reads
rancherejim230 reads
teddy.bare217 reads
Tampa_Jim323 reads
SweetMelissa322 reads
SensualShai318 reads
TrulyMsMocha207 reads
oldwarrior156 reads
orientalsin137 reads
grayhair571 reads
sweetman283 reads
Stay_thirsty_my_friend120 reads
TheKarateKid202 reads
hiddenhills150 reads
Senator.Blutarsky186 reads
NoYellowEnvelope214 reads
Tampa_Jim138 reads
Sexy Carolina173 reads
Dr. joe174 reads
liqq63166 reads
bocabuster139 reads
Tampa_Jim184 reads
theoldcavalier156 reads
CharleneLove1396 reads
Dr. joe420 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu198 reads
NoYellowEnvelope240 reads
sweetman199 reads
gaylemeyers146 reads
mojojo214 reads
josulli286 reads
scb19235 reads
mrbaywatch7147 reads
friendlyfella142 reads
Cherish_ORiley283 reads
mrfisher143 reads
nystateofmind140 reads
libs134 reads
souls_harbor119 reads
TheKarateKid136 reads
OldCodger260 reads
souls_harbor157 reads
micktoz168 reads
DNEFF130 reads
TennGambler115 reads
gr8trugent121 reads
dax2u93 reads
DNEFF113 reads
rlr11743125 reads
sweetman3010 reads
NoYellowEnvelope545 reads
josulli554 reads
hbt49214 reads
SultryCharlotte34 reads
JakeFromStateFarm439 reads
RobbinYoung706 reads
DNEFF266 reads
brigit300399 reads
mrfisher290 reads
englishguy393 reads
CharleneLove452 reads
mrfisher261 reads
Developer150 reads
voyager-4314 reads
sassysally668845 reads
sweetman286 reads
rachelsonoma309 reads
voyager-43231 reads
DonDosEquis197 reads
theoldcavalier69 reads
richardsharpe215 reads
beantownamigo91 reads
QueenBia106 reads
souls_harbor23 reads
rancherejim14 reads
murrayl12 reads
murrayl11 reads
Greenbacks215 reads
mike16318 reads
theoldcavalier10 reads
QueenBia8 reads
CharleneLove12 reads
voyager-435 reads
theoldcavalier6 reads
1woody6 reads
1woody421 reads
CharleneLove158 reads
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Cardinal_Richelieu416 reads
sweetman215 reads
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