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The Erotic Review is the home to a very unique search engine. Our search engine is not a listing of every adult site on the web. It lists only sites that are of a direct interest to people who visit the site. The sites that are listed are also rated by the visitors of our site, as-well-as yours if you choose. Higher rating move your web site higher in the listing. Submit your site today to increase your traffic.

Submitting your site

Submitting your site is easy. Go to the Site Review area of The Erotic Review. You will then need to go the area of the directory that you want your site to be listed in. You need to then click on the "Add My Site" listing at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. We will then get your site posted as quickly as we can. You will be sent a e-mail when you site is posted.

Rating System explained

OK, now come the twist. The TER search engine allows visitor to rate your site. This rating will help visitors choose which sites to visit first. Visitors are also encouraged to leave their own rating of your site

To use the ratings engine to your site or not

If you would like supercharge the ratings of your site, you can add a small rating link directly on your site. The users of your site can then rate you directly from a page on your site. Your frequent visitors can boost your rating on our site. Higher ratings will raise your site higher on the listing and on searches on our site. Site with the highest ratings will also be categorized as "Cool" and may be our Featured site of the month!

If you would like to find out more about adding the ratings engine to you site, go to the Ratings Info page.

Where to go for help

Getting help is easy! Email us at [email protected]. Our support staff will gladly assist you with any technical questions. We can also answer any other questions that you may have regarding TER in general.

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