TER offers several features to help you promote your site and benefit from the exposure we receive (we get over 10 million hits per day, making us one of the hottest underground sites in the world).

Add your site to our TER Listing Directory. This move will also help any TER visitors find you. Plus, you can get even more mileage from this listing by placing a special site rating program, created by TER, on your web page. The ratings it generates will raise your site in listings and in search engines.

If you are a provider, we can place a direct hyperlink to your reviews onto your webpage. This handy little feature gives you the option of sharing revenue generated by visitors who become TER VIP Members after being referred to us by your site.

We also have a revenue sharing program for Webmasters. In addition to running a TER banner on your site, we will pay for any new VIP Members that you refer. Many Webmasters have already benefited greatly by participating in this unique program.

To help you decide which options may be best for you, please check out more detailed information on this subject, which can be found in our Revenue Sharing Program.

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