Review: TS Brittney / TS Barbie

TER ID: 13697

Posted: May, 2010 by REDSOX69

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I'm still new to the whole TS & escort thing so bear with me.

Overall, I did enjoy the experience and would recommend to others.

I saw that "TS Britney" was in my city. I was excited because I really wanted to meet the famous (for TS) porn star Barbie Woods. I've seen a bunch of her movies and enjoy them so I gave her a call. She answered (sounds very feminine) and told me of the hotel she was staying at. We scheduled and met up about two and a half hours later. What was confusing was that she doesn't post her "donation" on her ad pages. She doesn't like posting $ due to LE.

When I arrived, I called her and told her I was in the lobby as directed and she told me the hotel room number. When she opened the door...,

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