Search on TER Plug-In

We are proud to present "Search on TER." Our new browser plug-in allows you to reference the over 700,000 reviews on TER while you are surfing any website on the Internet. Simply highlight a phone number or a name, right click it, then select "Search on TER." A list of any reviews associated with that phone number or name will pop up instantly.

Download Search On TER plug-in (v 2.0)

Google Chrome
(Windows & Mac)
(Windows & Mac)
Internet Explorer

* Search On TER plug-in is not supported by Internet Explorer on Mac OS platform.

INSTALL Safari bookmarklet for Search On TER

Safari 3.2 and above - (Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later) For Safari, you do not need to install a plug-in to use "Search on TER". Instead of a plug-in, "Search on TER" for Safari uses a "bookmarklet".

To install the "Search on TER" bookmarklet in Safari:
  1. Drag this link Search on TER to your Safari Bookmarks Bar. If you don't have the Bookmarks Bar enabled in Safari, you can enable it by clicking on "View -> Show Bookmarks Bar".
  2. Click "OK" when the "Type a name for the bookmark" window appears.
How to use the "Search on TER" bookmarklet in Safari:
  1. Highlight the text or phone number that you would like to search for on TER.
  2. With the search text still highlighted, click on the "Search on TER" button in your Bookmarks Bar.
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