Review: Harley Cruise

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Posted: January, 2007 by SUNCOASTER32

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My apartment

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Been trying for two weeks to meet Harley but my timeing and some miss furtune on my part did not permit, until today. I finally got to meet her. I hate to sound like some of the others on here but she was well worth the wait. Through tasha I was able to walk her right to my front door. When I opened the door there stood a tall blonde cutie. she entered and thanked me with a hug and a kiss for such good directions. We sat down in my liveingroom and started to chat and she noticed that I had a dog. She wanted to see him but I warned her that if I let him out now he would bark the whole time she was there when i put him back. So she said she wanted to see him before she left. She loves dogs. Some more small talk and then

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