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Posted: August, 2016 by ORANGEZZZZZ

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I highly recommend Alexis Kim. If the length of this review alone isn't enough to persuade you to go see her, know that Alexis is a pro-domme who has been in an episode of Playboy Undercover that was showcasing the Atlanta Dungeon (where she works). For me, this was the cherry on top.

I first came across Alexis when I was looking through the ads on Backpage. An Asian domme from Atlanta, she was going to be visiting Tampa the following week for Fetish Con and would be taking appointments for sessions with her. I definitely liked what I saw, but was hesitant to go forward with it at first.

The reason was, a few years prior I had seen another ad on Backpage for a mistress also visiting Tampa for Fetish Con and contacted her about a session only for the woman to cancel on me last minute due to her getting too busy with the event. However, I gave in despite my initial hesitation and sent Alexis an email. Less than an hour later, I received a response from her.

She thanked me for my email and politely asked me to fill out her application located on the contact tab of her website and send it back to her, then give her a call to discuss scheduling. I completed the application and sent it off. When I called her later that same day, she answered the phone and I told her that I had sent her an email with her application filled out.

Alexis responded in a nice tone of voice that she was receiving multiple email right now and asked me what my name was. There was a pause as she searched through her computer, then she came back a minute later saying that she had read over my application and began to look over her schedule for the day I gave to work out a time. My schedule was completely open for that day, so I just picked a time that worked best for her.

She went on to say that when she did a session, she tried to do a person's top three interests and made sure she knew what those were for me. As to where I would go to see her, she said that she would text me that information either the night before or the morning of the day of our session. Also, she asked that I call her one hour prior to confirm. Alexis was very easy to talk to over the phone and I was feeling good about my decision by the time I hung up. She told me in her silky voice that she was looking forward to meeting me in a week.

On the day before our session I eagerly anticipated receiving her text message that evening, but nothing. I assumed that she was going to send it in the morning. However, when I got up there was still nothing. When the time was one hour prior to our session, I called as instructed but only got her voicemail. I left a message about our session and hung up. The time drew near. Nothing.

Oh no, not again...

Just as I was starting to make other plans, my cell phone rang. It was Alexis calling me back. I expected to hear, 'Sorry, maybe next time.' But that was not what happened. Instead, she said that she had texted me earlier with the address, but that I must not have gotten it. If I still wanted to meet with her, she said that she had another time available that day and sounded very understanding about the whole thing (whatever had happened). I agreed to it, and she re-sent the text message shortly after the call ended. When I arrived at the address given, I texted her back to let her know. She called me a moment later, telling me to come to the door and knock.

My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dimly lit room once inside, but there she was: Alexis Kim, wearing black thigh-high boots, black panties, and a sexy black top. She looked great, just as she did in her pictures, and smiled as she greeted me, not angry in the slightest about the whole confusion from earlier. I told her that I had gotten a little lost finding the place, but that getting lost was kind of typical for me.

“I'm glad I can give you the guidance you need in your life,” she said...

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