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Posted: October, 2015 by CARIBBOY4

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This review relates an experience I had with Charlotte at the end of October 2015. I didn’t post a review back then, as I have reviewed Charlotte on this board before, but I hadn’t realized that it has been almost two years since I did so. So, I have felt guilty about not posting a review of this last session with Charlotte. Since the three month limit is approaching, this is to rectify my error.

I have seen Charlotte many times, and she continues to captivate me. Her combination of a sweet, demure demeanor, with smoldering sexuality just beneath, along with her petite, natural beauty, never fails to get my juices flowing. I just cannot get enough of Charlotte. As I was planning my last Seattle visit in late October, another session with Charlotte was definitely part of my agenda. I contacted her, and with her usual prompt email responsiveness, we had a date set. I wanted it to be early in the week of my visit; I just couldn’t wait to see her again.

Not long after that, I realized that that particular week happened to coincide with the second anniversary of the very first date I had with Charlotte. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I got the idea to celebrate the occasion with the object of my affection. I was going to be renting a spacious apartment in Seattle, with a well equipped kitchen. So, I asked Charlotte if we could set an extended date on my last evening in Seattle where I would prepare a nice dinner for us to share, followed by a delightful “dessert”, possibly including one of my favorite rituals: a shared bubble bath. Charlotte could not accept fast enough. Her email said something about the speed of light being too slow to say “yes”. She did have one request: she asked if we could enjoy “dessert” first. Of course, I agreed!

My first time with Charlotte was in October of 2013. From the moment she walked through my hotel room door that day, she has held me as a captive of her unique beauty; her demure demeanor with smoldering eroticism just underneath; her lovely petite figure with silky, soft skin; her intelligence; her communication skills; her sexual prowess; I could go on and on. so here is MY CONFESSION: I am unabashedly addicted to spending time with Charlotte. Having seen her now more times than I have fingers, we have developed a delightful connection which, from my viewpoint, is extraordinary. However, I must make clear that as amazing as our connection has become, it remains completely within the accepted boundaries of provider/client relationships. That said, my hopeless/hopeful romantic affliction became the motivation for setting up this date with Charlotte. I wanted not only to create a special atmosphere for the celebration of what I consider to be one of the best things to happen to me in this crazy dance: meeting Charlotte. But it was also meant to convey to Charlotte how special I think she is, both as a provider, and as a person. I hope the message came through as intended.

I was bubbling over with anticipation when I got the text from Charlotte that she was almost there. I went downstairs and waited by the door. After just few moments I turned to see that lovely little lady walking toward me with that beautiful smile that melts my heart. We enjoyed a brief hug, suitable for public viewing, and then I led her upstairs to the apartment. Once I hung up her coat, I couldn’t wait for a real embrace and the first of many kisses. Charlotte was wearing a stylish gray cocktail dress that accentuated her irresistible figure. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, and she seemed to welcome my caresses.

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