Review: Charlotte's Confession

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Posted: August, 2014 by TRIEDANDTRUE1

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Charlotte's pictures made her look interesting but didn't immediately grab my attention. But prior reviewers were so enthused about her personality, skills, service ethos, and lovely body in person, some instinct told me I needed to spend time with her. She was luckily able to see me on short notice...and drove quickly to her comfortable in call location.

I found it extremely comfortable to be in her presence...she is very calm and centered, and you could easily imagine her doing all sorts of professional work demanding great care and smarts. We, gentlemen, are blessed that she feels being a provider is for now her chosen profession. She really enjoys sex and has found meeting all of these people interesting and exciting. And she is just lovely to look at, touch, enjoy.

The weird thing is that when you are first with her you think maybe she would be too conservative or "well-bred" or something to show much enthusiasm for sex. But oh man, I knew from the very first brush of my lips on hers, I was in for something very special. Her kisses and the way she relates to you make you feel she is authentically into you. I've got four decades on her, so I don't kid myself that this rapport is anything more than it is, but it stems from authenticity, and that is why it feels so good. But kissing can't be the whole story, now can it?

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