Review: Natasha

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Posted: August, 2012 by TODOMUNDO_NYC

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This is my first time with natasha, but my third time going through Jewels of New york - and the experience has been fairly consistent - a slightly disappointing looking girl who has a generally good attitude. The pictures are her, but have been dramatically 'enhanced' (read:photoshopped). Natasha is not the pinup bombshell you'd expect from the pics, but shes sweet and had a good attitude. In the end I think i might be done with jewels, but then again for the price and convenience and gfe it cant be beat in a pinch. non-vips your experience may vary. If your looking for an easy good time with no stress or LE sketchyness this place is the way to go. I should say that location is not the worst - small cheap apt with a couple rooms - NOT a classy joint at all.

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