Review: TS Ashley

TER ID: 200799

Posted: May, 2012 by JUSTMYTWOCENTS07

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Well, even a veteran like me gets fooled once in awhile and the experience with TS Ashley was it. I had seen her ads on eros for awhile. Of course with no reviews and a great picture, I knew that the ad had to be too good to be true so for awhile, I ignored them and went on to others. I had some time while in NYC so I emailed to three TS ladies a couple of days in advance who had some good reviews but of course none responded. I then emailed Ashley out of curiousity and she did respond and seemed nice so I figure, Ok lets go for it. The price was reasonable and I figure the worse case scenerio was that she is average and I get a decent session. VIP's read on for the funny details...............

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