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Posted: January, 2012 by ANONALIAS

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STOP! If you are reading this prior to reading my recent review of Alejandra, you are going to get really confused. It would be like seeing the second Brady Bunch movie without seeing the first! Go ahead, I’ll wait…..Not to the movie, the review…good god people stay with me here!!!

So, now that we’re all caught up, let’s answer the question that is on everyone’s mind: How in the hell did Gingrich beat Romney in South Carolina? Just kidding. Why would anyone of sound mind and body book back-to-back appointments with Alejandra and Bianca? The answer in three words:

Best. Day. Ever.

Bianca has been on the scene for a while, so I doubt that anything I will say here will add any significant value other than to reinforce what is already known: She is simply one of the best the Twin Cities has to offer. If you haven’t seen her you are really new here or are clueless.

Don’t be clueless. Do yourself a favor and go see her.

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