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TER ID: 180845

Posted: December, 2011 by EDNICK

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Atlanta Dungeon

General Details

Mistress Ayn provides an excellent S/M experience for any male interested in being emasculated, punished, and abused by a woman. Although slight of build she can administer corporal punishment and anal intercourse as expertly as any Mistress I have seen. However, what separates her from from your typical Dominatrix is her sensuality and her ability to mindfuck you with the best. You not only willingly suffer and degrade yourself to limits you had only dreamed of, but you do so with reckless abandon and a desire to please her whatever it takes.

As an example of her total control and the trust she engenders, she recently granted me an overnight session punctuated with a public outing to a local S/M establishment. I would say she allowed me to go dressed and made-up like the slut, but in reality when she proposed dressing me before leaving her dungeon I couldn't say no. As a result of previous meetings, I had already been broken both physically and mentally many times over, and my will meant nothing. She had broken my will by repetitive and punishing beatings and ripped my manhood from me by raping me in the most exciting manner imaginable. However, not satisfied with just emasculating me, she had dehumanized me by making me act her pig. After such treatment, how could I say no to anything my Mistress demanded or chose to do. Lest you think I relented from fear alone, I returned again and again because I loved every minute of it. She made me unbelievably excited and horny just thinking of our next encounters and what additional torture she had in mind.

As for the night in question, I had a minor spanking as just a tease before I was transformed by female lingerie and makeup into a cheap slut. We then left her dungeon for all to see me as the broken man I had become and the extent to which I had submitted to Mistress Ayn's will and control. At 1763 we entered as Mistress and slut, and I beamed not with pride, but with a hidden pleasure that it was me who was to be beaten and fucked by Mistress Ayn in front of other male submissives who could only drool with envy. And yes, I was brutally beaten by Mistress Ayn and Lady Maia, who had met us at the club. Strapped to a horse in front of the assembled crowd, I was paddled, cropped, and caned until my cries of anguish caught the attention of other submissives hoping to be in my place. My punishment was far from over though, as Mistress Ayn and Lady Maia then took turns fucking me like the whore I had become. My ass was violated over and over while I was forced to suck the next dildo to be driven into my ass violently and unmercifully. Eventually, unable to hold myself any longer I was allowed to masturbate in unison and rhythmn to a dildo being rammed into my ass. This, however, provided only temporary relief as I was then made to eat my cum.

Later, Mistress Ayn and myself returned to her dungeon where I was subjected to further beatings, CBT, and nipple torture, just in case I had not suffered enough earlier. Being the slut I was, and remained. I was also fucked again and again until my anal passages and prostate could take no more. Satisfied with her handiwork; a gutted male ego, any and all dignity in tatters, a battered and badly bruised ass, and an anus burning with repeated violations, I was allowed to sleep on the dungeon's floor as a poor remnant of what I used to be.

The next morning I left to catch an airplane, but the memories of my night with Mistress Ayn remained with me. Sitting in my cramped seat offered little relief from the discomfort in my posterior. However, the thoughts of being ravaged and beaten provided sweet images to distract me. Moreover, I was already dreaming and planning for my next meeting with Mistress Ayn because she has captured my heart and soul and offers an incomparable experience to anyone wanting total submission to a beautiful woman.

peggy (my well-earned slut name)

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