Review: Lady Scarlett Envy

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Posted: September, 2010 by SUNDRIAN77

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I would agree with pretty much everything said in previous review of Lady Scarlett Envy. I also did my research on several dommes in the Southern California region. This would be my first time not only with a pro, but also as a sub, so I was VERY selective and careful about who I chose. Much of my choice came down to 1) Lady Scarlett's pictures and descriptions on both her website and other S&M referral sites (she looks way better in person btw), 2) her accessibility (she's a busy gal but if you are diligent about contacting her she WILL return your call or email), and 3) our overall chemistry over the phone when I talked to her. She is just a very cool and interesting person to talk to in general. She made me feel very comfortable about asking questions, being up front about what I hoped to gain from the session, and about my overall interest in the s&m lifestyle. I would definitely recommend her to other first-timers. If you are more experienced, or have elaborate scenarios (as I did) that you are wanting to work out, then Lady Scarlett Envy is still a great choice. She delivered above and beyond any of my expectations and left me craving more.

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