Review: Yuri / Isabella

TER ID: 363203

Posted: September, 2021 by RANGERC79

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I reach out to them, send in all my references and surprisingly i was cleared. The MMS ask me to call them when i reach their location and got buzzed up. Wow, this place is brand new and fully renovated (also stated by another reviewer). MMS greeted me, she was friendly and brought me to Yuri's room and wow i looks better than her pic (can't be sure if the pic is real her because the face is somewhat similiar). she is a bit taller than 5'2 honestly but who cares, she is at perfect height, because she immediately planted DFK on me like we haven't see each other a long time.

Yuri is one of kind, but i'm sure she is either well trained by a veteran at the same location and/or she is in this industry for awhile....but she is must see.

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