Review: Yuri / Isabella

TER ID: 363203

Posted: October, 2021 by JUSTINSBEAVER

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After hearing so much about Yuri’s unique squirting abilities, I had to go see her. She is much prettier than I thought. Very nice body and is definitely on the younger side. Performance was pretty much mind blowing and left me thinking about her for days after. Legendary status.

Texted and easily got an appointment. Some questions and a little back and forth for screening but it was painless. Arrived and was led to Yuri’s room. Immediately see her standing with a two piece and high heels. Sheeeesh. She looked smoking hot. Long legs. She looked about 5’8” with those high heels. Face and hair was beautiful. Not sure who i can compare her to as a look alike but her face is one of the tops among AMP providers. She is definitely young and in her 20’s. Her youth definitely adds to her appeal. I knew this was going to be a special session.

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