Review: VIP Emma / Blake Rose

TER ID: 158191

Posted: December, 2017 by BINDROY

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It's amazing how reviews can be so different. I have no idea who those other guys were seeing but it wasn't any where near my experience. And I usually have GREAT DATES!... She is definitely YMMV!!!

I thought she was really attractive with a beautiful model face and really nice tits.

Dumb luck led me to her review on TER and I could hardly believe it. Took a while to schedule, and was really anticipating a great time...

On the phone she said she wasn't going to work tonite but if you book 2 hours I'll come over. OK, 2 hours it is.

She arrived and looked just ok......BUT...the rest was a disaster and a complete waste of time....and not for lack of my trying.

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