Review: TV Suzy

TER ID: 246687

Posted: April, 2017 by ISODETTGURLS

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I saw Suzy run an ad on BP and decided to give her a try. She is a TV and makes that very clear but some TV's are damn sexy! She does the Glam look, will dress in any attire you would want but her speciality is fetish I believe and would seem so from her pics. TV's have the advantage of being fully functional which is fun when they are sexy. Suzy greeted me looking VERY sexy, was like seeing a friend or a really high quality escort true GFE attitude. If you like T girls I would highly suggest you give Suzy a shot, she is not what you typically expect when meeting a TV around here. Sure NYC, LA etc have several SEXY TV escorts but in Detroit it is a rarity. I will see her again

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