Review: TS Veronica / Gloria Kharam

TER ID: 219274

Posted: May, 2014 by KRAMDEN13

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Session Location

LI Hotel

General Details

It was a last minute opportunity that presented itself and I took advantage of it. I was on Long Island with some phone numbers and had a window. It had been a while since I had the tranny itch. I reached Gloria, I was very close to her location and she said she could be ready in 10 minutes. OK so it took about 25 minutes till she was OK with me coming in, but thats not a big deal. Got to her room in a nice clean 3 star highway hotel.

Just not sure if she was the girl in the pictures. Was warmly greeted as I needed to catch my breath. Little hike to the room.

She was naked and cute dropped the donation and so we began.

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