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Miami, FL

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Samantha Hung is my Dream Girl and we have going around for some time to set up date. Honestly, if you are not serious about seeing Samantha Hung and playing games. You will not a have to meet her. Finally, I went for the plunged and contact her, I am so glad I did and totally worth it. I contacted Samantha via phone call and she told was not working yet. To give her a week and tried to get a hold of her. I wait a week and follow-up. I visited her website and Samantha looks sexy, very beautiful, great body. When we spoke on the phone, she is very friendly girl and easy going. She told me it is about time we meet up and have naughty time together. She texted me her address and I was on my way. I arrived, called her, and told me the hotel room where she was staying in. I knocked on the door, she opened the door and when I first meet her, I said WOW I was impressed. She looks even more beautiful in person and has a very beautiful personality. Ultimate fantasy of a feminine and passable TS that's actually fully functional. Well, let’s just say I repeat again the following day for other round!!!!

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