Review: TS Cassie

TER ID: 229625

Posted: September, 2016 by DAVEMATT21

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Session Location

North hollywood

General Details

Typical 2 call system, i told her i would be there at 10 pm so she agreed and when i showed up she told me to wait a min since she had to freshen up. I ended up waiting probably an hour and some change. I wouldve left but i drive pretty far so figured id just wait. She gave me the directions on how to get to her room which toom a few mins, rang the dbell and it kinda took her a little, she opened wearing some lacey panties, brah and heels. Very stunning with an amazing ass. I followed her into the bed where she laid on her stomach .. she didnt talk much so it was kinda awkward but non the less an ok experience. Non vips id give it a shot on looks alone, amazing face and body ..vips keep reading

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