Review: Tori / Tory

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Posted: June, 2017 by NEIL992

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Yes, she's back in London (but closer to the West End now) and after hearing the overwhelming count of positive positive about Tory, I just had to see her Diva almost made it sound like she's too good to be true with the looks, personality to melt for and the way she makes every experience memorable. Is this all true? Absolutely! I had an amazing time with Tory and every minute felt natural, genuine and pampered to smithereens after I explained to her my expectations and reasons for what I hope to get out of our two hours.

For this Russian beauty, there was not a hint of rushing, elegant and classy with manners, no clock watching, more questions and curiosity aimed at me than anyone I've encountered in a single setting. No I definitely know how it feels to have her on my mind and regret not extending our date together but there's always a next time.

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