Review: Tina Star

TER ID: 153965

Posted: June, 2010 by SHADOW83BLK

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my place

General Details

Called Classy Tina Sunday afternoon and asked if she was a “call when you wanna play” girl or she makes dates. In my question I said that I was looking for a date between 8 and 9 PM and she just replied “would you like to see me at say 8:30?”, guess that answered my question. We set the date and she asked me to call when I was leaving. I call her at 8 and she said she will be waiting. I get real close to her place but forgot the mapquest map so I can’t remember exactly where she is. I called her and she patiently talked me right to her.

I had seen Tina when she first arrived to the area a while ago and was not sure if she remembered me, much to my surprise she did and even remembered some details. We hit it off again and chatted for a few minutes. Suddenly she stands up and pulls the cute sundress over her head and is completely nekid, WHAT A HOT LIL BODY!!! I strip and we lie on the bed together and start kissing while our hands roam.

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