Review: Tina Star

TER ID: 153965

Posted: December, 2023 by DOEKIN

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Fort Lauderdale

General Details

I discovered Tina Star a long time ago as one of the best-reviewed providers. She has a stellar reputation and for good reason as I'm sure you'll find out in the juicy deets section.

I open the door and Tina Star is there wearing a sexy fish-net one-piece and a pair of seductive black boots that go up her lovely legs. "Oh yeah" I decide, "She's keeping those on..."

She's endearingly small, which is perfect for me because I love short and slender women. You just wanna wrap your hands around her and never let go.

I brought wine and some music. She said she prefers white wine but was willing to try the red sweet Sangria I brought. I think I may have converted her to red because, by the end of the session, she was a fan.

We got to her room and Tina made sure I was comfortable as I set up the wine and music for us in her bedroom.

Whenever I meet a new provider I usually get a little nervous so I like to unwind by getting to know them and taking the edge off by having a few sips of the wine. It's a great ice breaker and it calms me down. Having a good time is as psychological as it is physical. I want there to be good energy between us before we start, that way everything is functioning the way it should.

Me and Tina casually lounged on the bed, sipping our wine and learning more about each other. She asked me about my work and as we spoke I discovered she's a big fan of UFO's and extraterrestrial stuff. She has a bunch of photos on her phone of mysterious sightings and lights making unusual combinations and patterns in the sky above her house.

Her interest in that stuff kinda reminded me of my father.

The whole time we're talking she's circling her hands on her lovely thigh. A promise of things to cum. Before we start she politely asks if she can vape in the room but I don't engage in or like smoking of any kind so I have to respectfully decline. She understands and doesn't make a big fuss over it.

Tina is easy to get along with and makes you feel right at home. Takes all the stress off of performing. Speaking of performing...

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