Review: Taylor Anderson

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Posted: February, 2023 by AUPAIR

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There is something in the air when AVN is going on out here in Sin City. A different pulse and sexual energy seems to linger about. A new year has begun, and a call for some exciting new adventures must be answered. I do not like to travel, but that does not mean I can not find a bit of the exotic to fulfill my innate needs. With that said, a call to my favorite “travel agency” has set me on a course of a lascivious Las Vegas Swedish escapade.

Let me set the scene. As a man of smaller proportions (nice way of saying short), finding a statuesque foreign lady to take advantage of me is ridiculously fun!!! Do not ask me why, because I am not Freud. Just know that a man can study this vixen for a lifetime and still feel that there is more sensual joy waiting in the next chapter or more to write upon the next page.

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