Review: Talaya / Fonda / Bambi

TER ID: 3122

Posted: November, 2017 by KWOO65703

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Met once again with one of my favorites. Although I’ve seen Talaya several times since my last review this one is from our latest session. I had the opportunity to get to MSP for a trip visit and texted Talaya to see if she was available on short notice. We worked through some options and were able to something up for around midday at my downtown hotel.

Our usual setup - I brought a bottle of red for us to enjoy, and she texted when close. Talaya arrived to my room in casual street clothes, which she is always sexy in and I like, then retired to the bathroom to get ready while I opened and poured the wine. She came out looking hot in panties and bra and heels. Very nice. Caught up on things while drinking the wine and getting a back rub before the fun began...

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