Review: Talaya / Fonda / Bambi

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Posted: September, 2015 by KWOO65703

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Met with one of my favs in Chicago as Talaya has been staying in her home town recently. Not sure how much longer she'll be there but I managed to see her a couple of times while I passed through here in my travels. I've seen Talaya several times in Minneapolis as well as Chicago since my last review of her. This is a recap of our last visit.

Set up for an afternoon out call to my hotel in the north burbs was easy as we've seen each other many times and she usually responds promptly. She was once again running late so you may want to plan for this. No biggie for me this time.

Talaya arrived looking good in casual street clothes. I had brought a bottle of red for us as she retired to the bathroom to get ready for our festivities. I poured the wine and when she came out it she was wearing sexy underwear and leggings with heels. Very nice. I love her smooth mulatto skin and all natural boobs. I had already set up what I wanted her to do prior and brought our wine glasses and we retired to the bed for a nice massage to get things going....

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