Review: Talaya / Fonda / Bambi

TER ID: 3122

Posted: May, 2014 by KWOO65703

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Once again saw Talaya in the MSP area, where she's been for a short period of time now. I originally know her from Chicago. I have seen her many times over the past few years, so this is a recap of the last couple of visits while I was passing thru MSP on business. I generally do not hobby while traveling, but since Talaya is a familiar face, it makes it much easier.

I set up an appointment by the airport/MOA which is most convenient for her and me. Most of our prior visits were incalls, but the last one was an outcall to my room. Pretty much always goes smoothly. Talaya normally greets me a the door wearing nothing but stockings and sometimes heels. When she came to my room, she was dressed in civie jeans and changed into leggings and was a good time...

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