Review: Syeira Pink

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Posted: October, 2023 by TOPHAT42

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Richardson TX

General Details

Read a post on another board stating that Syeira was back and would be posting a P411 ad. Read that post last night and sent her a PM on P411 to re-introducing myself (it's been about 6 years). Syeira wrote back this morning saying "of course I remember you". We traded 3 or 4 PMs and scheduled a late lunch date.

Syeira provided great directions to her place. I arrived on time and already had a text from her with the room number. Let her know I was on my way up and 2 mins later walked in to see this beautiful woman, looking as fine as ever! She has a look that I like! A quick kiss and hug hello. She introduced me to her cat, who is very well behaved and not an issue. Just make note in case anyone is allergic. We sat on the end of the bed and spent about 20 mins getting caught up before Syeira noted we were both over dressed and we should get more comfortable. I felt like we were picking up right where we left off 6 years ago... very natural and much enjoyed. Looking forward to seeing her again! Highly recommended.

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