Review: Syeira Pink

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Posted: September, 2014 by TOPHAT42

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Galleria incall

General Details

I met Syeria once before this past April. I read Syeira's posts about about her weekend availability and contacted her. She got back to me quickly and we scheduled a time that worked for both of us. I texted Syeira the day of our appointment and she let me know where her new incall location was. Texted her again when I arrived and she sent me her room #. I went up, knocked lightly and Syeira opened the door wearing a pair of form hugging (and she has great form) jeans and a nice top. I entered to a nice welcome hug & kiss. She immediately asked how I was doing, we opened the bottle of wine I brought, sat on the sofa and enjoyed a nice conversation catching up.

Syeira has 2 cats that stay with her so if you are allergic make sure you let her know. She got a kick out of how quickly both cats took to me. Reminded her that I've had pets my entire life and I believe they can sense that, knowing that I'm comfortable with them. After about 20 mins Syeira suggested we move to the bedroom and get comfortable. Syeira quickly undressed and looked spectacular!!! She is in great shape for 41, knowing a bunch of 20-somethings that would love to look like her. She helped me hang my clothes on the back of the door and we moved to the bed.

VIPs read on.... non VIPs, Syeira is a great lady and a pleasure spending time with. Highly recommended!

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