Review: SubMissAnn / Robin Pachino

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Posted: August, 2011 by STU6

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Ann is a wonderful experience. I saw that she was visiting Vegas and I was very intrigued by what she offers. There are no shortages of women who want to dominate men in Las Vegas but no one, to my knowledge, offers what she does: to be completely submissive. It started with the email back and forth and I really appreciated her mature and helpful manner. She has a great deal of experience with BDSM and has been in the porn industry since 2005. She truly wants to submit to you and everything is on the table….or bed…so to speak. (more on that for VIP's) She met me down stairs and walked me to her room. She is HOT. I mean she is HHHHHOOOOTTTTT. She was dressed in a mid-thigh leather skirt with stockings and a bare midriff top that came down just to the top of her skirt. Many 20 somethings and 30 somethings would love to have her body!!!! Clearly she keeps herself in great shape!! For non VIPs she is well worth your time!! I will be seeing her again!!

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