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Posted: August, 2017 by OLIVERHEVVY

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I love using The Erotic Review. It's about the only trustworthy source out there. It's where I had found Stephania a while back. She has an amazing website and I love all of her videos and blogs, her recorded interviews, and the other stuff. She is so open on her site that a guy can really feel like he is able to get to know her better - just through her website! I've visited her before, so this time decided to book a three-hour appointment, since I do not like rushed sessions, and I really like the 'date' or 'girlfriend' theme. I'm glad that I did, because Stephania is not the type where you'd just want one hour - she's too much fun

On the day of the appointment she had me text her to let her know that I was on the way and then when I arrived she had me text her again. Her directions were very clear and her home was easy to find. She has a lovely one-bedroom place, much larger than a hotel room or even a hotel suite. It is not small or cramped at all - there is a nice big comfy living room, and the whole place is clean, nicely decorated, quiet and safe. She doesn't share her place with anyone, so there's no problem in that regard. The location is a safe, clean, upscale area; I felt very safe there- no unsavory types around. She told me she is looking for a two-bedroom, bigger place, and moving soon to another city close by. I hope she finds what she wants but the place she has is great, IMHO. (For those of you with allergies, she has no pets and does not wear perfume unless requested.)

When she opened the door I was blown away, especially by her beautiful striking green eyes and gorgeous smile. Her pics don't do her justice; photographs can't capture her sexual intensity. She had dressed just the way I'd requested; a sexy-but-classy red dress and red stilettos. She looked gorgeous! Jazz music playing in the background, adding a nice, 'date' touch. She made me feel right at home by greeting me with a hug and offering me some wine. Her luxury in-call is indeed a very clean, comfy, and private space - no hotel could be nicer.

We chatted for a few minutes and then she offered me the use of her bathroom. I was in need of a shower and she graciously allowed me full use of here lovely bathroom. It's got every single amenity a man could ever possibly need, including razors, shaving cream, toothpaste and brushes - not just girly stuff either - things a guy needs.

When I got out of the shower and dried off, I left the bathroom to see she'd 'slipped into something more comfortable/' ;-) a very sexy two-piece black lace lingerie set. I do love black lace and it looked incredibly hot against her nice, tight, fit body. You can definitely tell she works out. The bedroom was romantically lit with several (unscented) candles. She has big roomy bed, with lots and lots of pillows. She has crystals carefully placed all around the bedroom. I liked it; they reflect and refract the candlelight wonderfully. It brings a nice peaceful energy to the entire room. Stephania's presence is equally peaceful. She is as graceful as a dancer, but is also loving, passionate, sexy, and generous with her time and her involvement. She truly has a big heart and I immediately connected with her emotionally. But you will have to read on for all the details of my visit with this wonderful woman!

Whether you're a VIP or a non-member, I highly recommend you book this lovely girl immediately!

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