Review: Spoiled Sophie Margiela

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Posted: November, 2021 by BRODIE2309

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Session Location

Upscale Hotel in Manhattan

General Details

Of the bat, Sophie was wonderful and lovely. We had exchanged a few small conversations through text prior to our date, so our initial meet up was far from awkward. No ice breakers or small chit chat; it was like meeting a friend (with benefits haha). After meeting at her room, we made our way to the restaurant she had locked up. Sophie had on a stunning dress, nothing too flashy or slutty, but very appealing and enticing enough to make you want to hurry back to the room. The dinner was nothing special, but her company made it memorable. We shared plenty of laughs and I couldn’t help but admire her attitude. She’s shy at first but quick to warm up and not be afraid to show who she is. After dinner, we took the night back to her room where the real fun began. She did not fail to impress and show me an amazing time. Tons of stunning visuals and stimulating touches. Overall, a memorable and exciting night. I will definitely make time in the future to see her again.

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