Review: Sofia Ray

TER ID: 290819

Posted: March, 2022 by TOMTRAVIS

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Session Location

Western suburbs Chicago

General Details

My trip through Chicago would have been wasted without calling upon one of the wonderful providers in that city. I scanned P411 for someone I had not yet met and then, finding Sofia Ray, checked her out on this site. Everything looked great so I went for it. We established a time and place (my hotel room) via email and texting. She arrived on time looking wonderful. She slipped into the bathroom to outfit herself in the lace and sheer blouse that I requested. OMG! She was stunning. Sofia is a taller woman but with a sleek body and breasts to die for. She speaks in a husky voice, fully and deeply influenced by her eastern European background, often devoid of articles. Sofia entered the hobby later than some. You can immediately tell that she enjoys what she does. We talked for a bit but she was eager to get going, eager to please. She asked, "What do you want?" and "How do you like it?" but not in those short, terse terms. She was, truly, so much fun. After rolling on the bed and after DFK, the clothes came off -- her call.

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