Review: Sara Jay

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Posted: August, 2023 by THEEAGLEMAN2020

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No direct contact with her, but email contact with her assistant. She was running a few minutes late, but eventually received instructions and made my way up with some video instructions.

It was small boutique hotel and the video instructions were helpful, otherwise would have been very difficult to navigate. Opened the door and there was she in person after three failed attempts and about 15 years since i laid eyes on her virtually and let out a lot seed over her.

Opened the door to an incredibly small room and she was wearing a short tight fitting blue dress which shaped her assets nicely. She was not facially WOW at all, however instantly recognisable and with curly hair (her current look) to tow. Greeted with a hug and kiss and paperwork sorted.

started off with a bit of small talk for a minute or so about her time in London and how many times we have had to reschedule (3rd time lucky). I did feel slightly overwhelmed at meeting her to be frankly honest.

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