Review: Sara Jay

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Posted: March, 2003 by ARMON

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her hotel

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Well guys, we have all been there before. You're looking through

a magazine and come across a lady that is so sexy and attractive

that you can't believe your eyes - your heart starts to beat real

fast, your hormones start racing with desire… and then the following

hours, weeks and months you think to yourself - would or could I

ever get a chance to meet this lady in person. This is how I felt,

and fantasize about after seeing the 1 and only Sara Jay and that

AWESOME body of hers in the May 2002 issue Score Magazine. Little

did I know at the time she was an up and coming adult actress

and starlet too - so that was extra pleasant! Surprise when I saw

her videos in my store. It took awhile but dreams do cum true and

when Sara and I finally got together it was one day that I will

never forget - she was everything that I had dream and hope for

and so much! much! more…

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