Review: Sara Charles

TER ID: 33681

Posted: December, 2016 by HOTRUM

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Session Location

Massachusetts near Albany

General Details

We set everything up by Email, and she verified references, so it took a few days, which was fine with me. I had been looking out to be in her area, at the same time she was, for quite some time. She arrived on time, and really looks better than her pictures, if you think that possible. We talked for a while in the living room area of where I was staying, getting to know each other and get comfortable. We started to touch each other, and began some very sexy kissing, on the sofa. She suggested that she go into the bath room to change, and I start to get comfortable. She came out of the bath, in a very sexy aerobic outfit, and we began to kiss and touch each other. She suggested in get more comfortable, so I took off my cloths. When I turned around, she was on the bed, looking spectacular.

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