Review: Sara Charles

TER ID: 33681

Posted: July, 2017 by ENDEGEN

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Session Location

New York City

General Details

Sara was recommended to me by another provider sometime last year. Unfortunately our schedules for when she would visit the city seemed to inevitably conflict with my having departed the city, so it was only a year later that I was able to visit with her. Having been screened last year already, Sara was kind enough to email me when she was coming to town, and I arranged to meet her for the first time at a wonderfully luxurious suite in her hotel incall.

She was as statuesque and pretty as her modeling photos, and quite genuine in her approach. She greeted me in a pretty black dress, we shared a quick kiss, and I excused myself to freshen up as it was a humid summer day. I joined her in the living room on the couch and we carried on from there.

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