Review: Racquel

TER ID: 229097

Posted: May, 2013 by CARING23

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near downtown LA

General Details

Most notable about Racquel is that she is the real deal. This makes the difference between a wam-bam-thank-you-ma'm and a memorable experience. Even on the phone and in emails there was actual conversation that took place and not merely one or two word replies. Since there was actual communication involved before meeting, that coldness or awkward feeling, that often accompanies a first date was avoided. Racquel is engaging not only orally (on all levels) but intelligent. You can actually have a conversation.

The fact she is drop dead gorgeous is icing on this delicious cake of sexiness. Long menu of services are executed in an exquisite, heart pounding, penis throbbing manner that makes you want more and more ... like a bottomless glass of pure ecstasy.

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