Review: Rachael Lee

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Posted: January, 2024 by CHIEFOFPORN

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Las Vegas off-strip hotel

General Details

Rachael Lee - was very easy to make contact. I filled out her required form on her website and within 24-hours - she made contact. Rachael does go through some serious effort and time in screening – again for her own safety. But, it is seamless from our end.

I received an email – which provided all the details – etc. The rest went down like clock-work. Perfect Timing - all the way around – from beginning to end.

Fellow Travelers – when you are in Vegas – Rachael – must be on your to-do list. Guys, I have been on TER for many years and I count on this website – to deliver honest reviews. As you also all know – there is no shortage of beautiful women in my sin city.

The problem with a whole lot of these beautiful women is – I believe - the majority of them; lack something that is very important - a loving caring soul - that is truly not possessed ONLY by demands for money and payments.

Rachael truly likes her work and I believe is just as excited as we are - during our time together.

Rachael has a kind, generous, loving and spiritual soul to match that tight slender magnificent body.

Non-VIPS, you have to see this woman. She will, “ROCK YOUR WORLD”. There is no OTHER like her. VIPS, see below for the Juicy Details.

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