Review: Pretty St. Pink / Candi Cane

TER ID: 217052

Posted: December, 2017 by CHECKALL51

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Session Location

East side Hotel

General Details

Texted her to set it up. I have pretty much been wanting to see her for a long time just never did due to sometimes she would advertise "only seeing regulars", and then sometimes "taking new clients" the timing just never lined up. Turns out she would see anyone the whole time. Silly me for believing what I was reading LOL. Anyhow, easy set up pulled into the motel and she texted the room number, and up I went. We did the LE thing then got started. She was very nice and you could tell she was a little stoned but not out of it. She is kind of Pretty in a dirty way, IMO. I will definitely repeat, VIP's see below.

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