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Posted: November, 2020 by FROMRUSSIAWITHLOVE

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When I saw Paige pop up as being available on XOC I jumped at the chance to see her. Set up through XOC is a breeze due to their text confirmation being pretty much automated (as far as I can tell). Confirmed the morning of and got the address for a decent hotel in the city. It ended up being unseasonably warm so I had worked up a sweat without even stepping into the room. Got her room number right before the time, headed up, and had to try to be nonchalant due to an employee coming down the hall right as I got to the door. Once it was clear I knocked, was let in, and... wow. She was even more amazing looking than her pics. She was just wearing a pink robe and I knew I was going to be having a great time. Left the donation, went to shower quick, and was ready for action. Fellas - if you're verified with the agency and see she's coming back to the area - don't hesitate to book. She was fantastic.

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