Review: Olivia Star

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Posted: December, 2017 by BOGIEPUTTER

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Las Vegas

General Details

So I had to head out to Las Vegas for a few days for some meetings in December but had a day of break in between meeting days and thought hmmmm, what should I do? Lots of talent in Las Vegas but I like to play where I feel comfortable. I looked online and saw that Olivia Star was going to be in town, Wow, I’ve seen Olivia before and had an unbelievably great time. I figured I'd see if she might be able to meet and WOW, she said she’d be happy to meet with me. We made an appointment and I started counting down the time to when we would get together.

On the agreed upon evening and time my room bell rang and when I peeked out the site hole in my door there stood the beautiful Olivia Star. She came in and greeted me like we were long lost friends. She looked amazing. Tight jeans that hugged tiny shaped hips and oh so nice butt and a sweater that showed her great curves on top. She came in and I offered her a glass of wine. We sat on the couch of the suite and caught up. For members keep reading for the rest of the details. If your not a member but are in the LA area look her up for sure.

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