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TER ID: 76271

Posted: June, 2017 by BIGMAC1

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Was on a business trip to Los Angeles and decided to check around and see if there was anyone out there that caught my eye. Of course looking in L.A. sites there were lots of them. But then I came across Olivia Starr's ad and she looked exactly like what I was looking for. Athletic figure, beautiful looks, large breasts, blonde, and her profile sounded fun. I checked her profile on TER and found her reviews to be good although they were older and there had been a break in time since many of her reviews were placed. But the earlier ones were great and her most recent one sounded great also with an explanation of her break. I decided to give her a try. She was easy to make contact with and to set up and appt. I made the appt. the day before our meeting with no problem. She showed up on time at my hotel room and looked fantastic. Beautiful features and looks and her body is incredible. She was dressed in a beautiful dress and heels and it fit just right in all the right places. I invited her in and we had a glass of wine. She is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese and has a sexy accent. For non-VIP's I would recommend seeing her for sure. You will not be disappointed. VIP's read on..........

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