Review: Natalia / Scarlett

TER ID: 218912

Posted: August, 2016 by BOOTYLOVER

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Natalia has some great pix on the Wet & Wild site... particularly if you're a boob guy. I'm more of an ass man which shouldn't be too surprising based on my username, but she has one of those as well, so away I went. I'd been eyeing the W&W site for a while and the agency interactions once I pulled the trigger were very good. Fast, and to the point. After some unfortunate email issues, I eventually called the agency to inquire if my aft appt was a go or not only to find that the earlier email exchange with me confirming appt time never got to them... initially very frustrating, since I had made the time to see Natalia and then couldn't. Amazingly, the agency called me back to inquire about an alternate time that same day and appt was back on. Very good customer service. Got the info and made my way to the very sparse, uninspired incall (this is something they should make an effort to improve). Natalia was waiting with open arms and some very attractive lingerie. She ushered me into the nearly vacant apt and we struggled to locate any sort of glass to enjoy the champagne I brought. I hopped in the shower and when I got out with my towel, it didn't stay on long. Would repeat with agency, but perhaps not with Natalia since I'm not sure if we clicked or if it was just due to the many challenges leading up to the appt actually happening. Still, a fun time was had by all (or at least I think so...)

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