Review: Naomi Wilder / Naomi Wagner

TER ID: 365281

Posted: October, 2022 by LOMEZ33

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Tysons Corner, VA

General Details

I had noted Naomi some time back. Her ads and self-description suggested someone who was intelligent and thoughtful, not pushy or with a "come hither" approach, so I reached out to her with some moderate screening. However, I developed COVID just before we were supposed to meet and had to cancel. She was very understanding, more so than some providers, so when she got back within decent driving range, I suggested we try again. We set up a time and place; communication was easy and complete. She really is even better looking than her pictures, and her attitude and approach are top-tier. She's more mature, but she still comes across as that gal in your college class that you meant to ask out, but never got around to it. Get around to it. Highly recommended and VIPs read on.

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