Review: Naomi Kova

TER ID: 271585

Posted: November, 2015 by JOHNSONINHER

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Naomi's pictures really intrigued me. Obviously you can see her face and body are exceptional so I was delighted to receive notice that she was coming through town in her long tour of the US. Initial email through her VIP booking agency to give my preferred appointment time. They responded quickly and said that Naomi would be contacting me soon. This was all true as I got a confirmation email from her within the next day saying she would provide hotel info a couple days before our date.

On the day of our date, I exchanged some emails to fine tune the time as I had some adjustments in my schedule. She kindly accommodated and was very quick to response which was very nice. She stayed at a luxury downtown hotel which made it less convenient to access but I went ahead and proceeded on account of her stunning pics and good TCB. Got the room and she greeted me with a hug. She's very pretty but was heavier than her pics. I'll explain more in VIP but I would definitely not repeat as we didn't sexually click.

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